Quantum Shift GB Dev Log #1

Just over a week ago, I finally decided to try out GB Studio myself, after making video reviews for many games made using the engine I feel like I've got a good understanding of what it's capable of, and what kind of things make a good or bad game in the engine.  For my first... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Of Getting Back Into Making Games…

Some of you may know that I actually studied Game Design, first at college form 2008 - 2010, and then at University from 2010 - 2014! You wouldn't really know it today though as I'm comfortably sitting at my desk working away on SharePoint and producing MI, it's a far cry from what I thought... Continue Reading →

Remembering my Nan

Yesterday I got the sad news that my Nan had a bad fall at her home and passed away shortly after. It was out of the blue with no warning. She was in good health right up until the day she died, which I guess is a good thing, there was no long pain or... Continue Reading →

Games I completed in 2020

Seen a few people do this, so here’s all the games I beat in 2020! (If you want to keep up with games I’m playing / completed, add me on Backloggery! (backloggery.com/nicktendowii) Starting in January with…  Resident Evil 2 (N64) The best way to play the original game thanks to the analogue controls! Really impressed... Continue Reading →

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