Game Boy Homebrew Recommendations!

Recently I made a follow up to a video I made last year called 5 Great Game Boy Homebrew Games. Over the two videos I've shown off some amazing games by incredibly talented developers, and decided to make this post to share all the links to download the games! Enjoy! Homebrew Games Video 1: Continue Reading →

What’s on my eBay Saved Searches list?

Being an avid retro game collector means I'm constantly getting notifications from eBay that games I'm following have been listed. I thought it might make an interesting post to share with you all some of the games I've got saved, and why. I managed to max out the amount of saved searches you are allowed... Continue Reading →

Retro Games Wishlist

I'm currently working on a video about game collecting, and one of the things I mention in the video is making a Wishlist of games based on recommendations you find online from Podcasts, Websites or Youtube Videos. Below is a list of some of the games I want to find thanks to finding out from... Continue Reading →

Tetris Effect got me in the ZONE!

Time seems to slow down, you're playing at expert level but not even thinking, you forget to breathe and you become one with the game. Completely loosing sense of reality and thinking of nothing but the game. It might sound crazy but it has happened, only a few times though. Most recently it happened playing... Continue Reading →

Blogtober Day 1 – where to start?

Hi guys! I thought I'd take part in Blogtober this year! I've always wanted to do Vlogtober but I think doing a video every single day would be too time consuming, what with having a full time job and wanting to still produce my weekly retro gaming videos on my channel! So instead, I've decided... Continue Reading →

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